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As Nbc Prepares For A Late-night Transition, Everyone Is On Message (so Far)

Michaels, as executive producer of Saturday Night Live, has become NBC's godfather of late night, guiding the careers of O'Brien, Fallon, Meyers and many more. When Fallon takes over The Tonight Show on Feb. 17, Michaels will be executive producer of all of NBC's most storied late night franchises: SNL, The Tonight Show and Late Night. It's the story of a subversive who has become the mainstream; the Canadian producer of a counter-cultural late night show on Saturdays who now controls TV's most historic late-night program, the home of showbiz institutions web site like Johnny Carson, Steve Allen and Jack Paar. Ask Fallon about Michaels' input, and you get a sense of how ridiculously on message he has become Farrah Abraham tape as the date for his ascension grows near. "There's no plan for anything, it's just view website that he's smart, he's great to work with, he's got great ideas and we can all trust him...we all came from that same stable, we grew up there," Fallon said of Michaels, echoing statements he's made before. "He never thought that he would produce The Tonight Show.
More http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2014/01/21/264552902/as-nbc-prepares-for-a-late-night-transition-everyone-is-on-message-so-far

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